SoCLEAN® Transmitters

Developed for hygienically demanding applications

The Level Plus SoCLEAN® liquid level transmitter satisfies the demand for an accurate and robust liquid-level sensor with unsurpassed flexibility to meet most process application conditions. The SoCLEAN® transmitter provides 4-in-1 measurement using one process opening for product level, interface level, temperature and volume measurements. Once the transmitter is installed and calibrated there is no requirement for scheduled maintenance or recalibration for the expected 10 year life of the sensor.

  • 4-IN-1 Measurement (Product, Interface, Temperature, Volume)
  • Standard Sanitary (Ra 25) or Electropolished (Ra 15) finish
  • Inherent Accuracy ±1 mm
  • No scheduled maintenance or recalibration
  • 3-A Sanitary certified

Set it and forget it!

Output Linearity Stroke length

Analog (4…20 mA)

±1 mm 305…7620 mm