Transmitters for liquid level applications

Upon taking a closer look at liquid level applications, we can see what kind of challenges must be faced when dealing with tanks and other storage facilities:

  • Process temperatures
  • Process Pressure
  • Chemical Compatibility
  • Tank Height
  • Cohesiveness
  • Hazardous Area Location
  • Sanitary Requirements
Once the specifications are defined Temposonics can use our over forty years of level measurement experience to confirm the fit of our level transmitters to the end users' application and define the correct level transmitter.  Temposonics has specially designed level transmitters for different applications by adapting the mechanical packaging to fit the mechanics of the tank and the process within the tank.


The Tank SLAYER is designed for bulk storage tanks and can measure tanks with mounting heights over 22 m.  The RefineME level transmitter is versatile for almost any process application with multiple materials of construction (Stainless Steel, Hastelloy C, Teflon) and multiple process connections (NPT, ANSI flange, DIN flange).  The SoClean level transmitter is design with hygienic connections for sanitary applications found in the Pharmaceutical or Food and Beverage industries. The CHAMBERED level transmitter is designed to be externally mounted on a magnetic level gauge.


Temposonics also uses our position sensors such as the RH, EH, and TH for level measurement when machine language protocols are needed by the end user or if the end user does not need any special approvals. Such applications include hydraulic reservoir tanks.  


There are many more and different applications one can come across when working defining level measurement. Understanding these requirements enables users to choose the right liquid level transmitters for the corresponding applications. The full overview can be found here and if you are still unsure about how to pick the right sensor or you want to learn more, you can request information directly from us.