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Nov 21, 2023, 08:06 AM by Temposonics
With our continuous growth, it was only a matter of time before we would expand our manufactur-ing and office spaces. We will take this step in the first quarter of 2024, and we are filled with en-thusiasm and pride for this new milestone.

How are we achieving this expansion?

Over the years, our continuous research and development have led to numerous innovative sensor solutions, resulting in a constant increase in applications and production volume. This growth has also caused our Temposonics family to expand, and the limited space has become a challenge. Therefore, we are relocating the production and shipment of our mobile hydraulic sensors from our main location in Lüdenscheid to our new facility in Dortmund.

Since its introduction in 2004, the product line of magnetostrictive position sensors for mobile hydraulic applications has continuously expanded with new models, leading to a significant increase in applications and demand. In Dortmund Aplerbeck, we have found the ideal premises to meet this increased demand. Our team can work more efficiently and comfortably on a 1,700 square meters manufacturing area and 300 square meters of office and social spaces. At the same time, we are creating more space for the production of industrial sensors in Lüdenscheid.

This expansion at both locations is forward-looking and provides new opportunities to optimize our production and delivery times.

What changes for our customers?

Nothing! Our main location remains in Lüdenscheid. Ordering and invoicing processes remain unchanged. However, our business partners can look forward to shorter delivery times and increased flexibility resulting from the capacity expansion. Additionally, having a second location, especially in unexpected situations, will enhance availability.

Which new opportunities are there for our employees?

Despite the challenges posed by the A45 bridge closure, we remain loyal to our main location and our long-standing local employees who have been reliably accompanied us for over 40 years. The additional location is beneficial to employees in the Ruhr region. This not only opens up new career prospects for our loyal employees but also for newcomers.

The opening of the new location represents strategic growth that will benefit both our business partners and our current and future employees.